End of a Road. Start of Another.

We finally have seen a little snow this season (for a mere moment). Now most of the snow has melted; it is nothing more than a wet day. This year so far has been quite busy for us, we have decided to move to Uruguay! As you can imagine we have been trying to organize the house in prep, not only for now but for the long hall. That’s right we are going all the way with this and hope to land at our new home in September! Continue reading


Surviving the Layover.

It would not be right to leave out a big part of the trip, getting there. We traveled for a full day each way. This was our first time traveling on a flight for so long, Brandon was more nervous about it than I was, which is surprising. Knowing that we had a couple layovers on the way and a very long one coming home I prepared to the best of my ability. In the end I didn’t do too bad!

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 After Colonia we spent the next two days in Uruguay’s capital. Seeing that we had to catch our flight in the early morning we decided to stay an extra day so that we could have a chance to look around at whatever we liked. I should start off by staying that neither of us are city people… at all! However I must say that I can get down with this city. There was so much to see that we had to choose what we did with our time wisely. 

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A Taste of Colonia.

    There is no way that we can talk about this amazing town and not mention the food! I bet you were wondering were all the food photos were. Well, lets just start by saying that there is nothing like food when it is in the freshest state.

Uruguay is known for their meat, wool and dairy. Everything we purchased in the matter of food was Uruguayan or made in Colonia. I have to stay, we really enjoyed the fact that most things produced were localized and therefore anything we bought reflected the community and culture. Different counties have different standards and that is something that was reflected for sure in the food.

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Barrio Histórico, Colonia.

This charming old town is what really grabbed my attention when I was learning about Uruguay. I have been drawn to older towns and things for most my life (the reason I fell in love with Savannah, GA) and my interest has been growing over time. I realized how much I enjoy places that hold such historical value and presence. There is something fascinating about it I am just drawn to, for those reasons I booked majority of our stay there. Continue reading