No Better Time.

Wow! Here we stand six months into our new life here and I must say, the way I feel about Uruguay hasn’t changed but grown. I honestly don’t know where to begin because I have learned so much and it is all so very exciting! So, you will have to forgive me if this post is a book long. Continue reading


Second Summer.

By moving at the time we did, we set ourselves up to enter into another summer! When we landed, spring was just getting started still cold and rainy but the heat of summer was just around the bin. 

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A Setting Horizon.

  Well, we did it! We made it to Uruguay! We have been here a month and are in our apartment, which I absolutely love! We live on the top floor of our duplex and the family below us are very nice people. So far it’s been great and we are adjusting to our new surroundings well, even made a couple of friends. The last few months home were hectic and stressful but of course expected with a move as big as this. Continue reading

End of a Road. Start of Another.

We finally have seen a little snow this season (for a mere moment). Now most of the snow has melted; it is nothing more than a wet day. This year so far has been quite busy for us, we have decided to move to Uruguay! As you can imagine we have been trying to organize the house in prep, not only for now but for the long hall. That’s right we are going all the way with this and hope to land at our new home in September! Continue reading

Surviving the Layover.

It would not be right to leave out a big part of the trip, getting there. We traveled for a full day each way. This was our first time traveling on a flight for so long, Brandon was more nervous about it than I was, which is surprising. Knowing that we had a couple layovers on the way and a very long one coming home I prepared to the best of my ability. In the end I didn’t do too bad!

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