Another Year, Grab the Shears.

I know it has been a while but you know, life! It’s time to touch on the subject of hair today. It has been a little more than a year now since my very first complete trim natural. Since then, my hair has grown loads and in order to keep it healthy; keep it growing toward the heavens, another trim is in order! And that means time to straighten it. Continue reading


Successful Flat Twist Out.

      When I first started down this road, there weren’t many things I could do to style my hair due to its length and wonderful ability to shrink to high heaven. It can be really hard to not look at photos and videos of women creating these beautiful styles and not wish your hair grew faster or curse the fact you don’t have a particular hair type. Continue reading

New Techniques.

      I didn’t expect my next post to be about my hair BUT, there are new developments I’m excited to share. I try to keep my hair post spread out as much as I can so I don’t over do it, especially when I write so few in a months time frame. I wrote a post a few weeks back called Time for a Trim. In that post I talked about my experience threading and straightening my hair, since then, there have been plenty of changes. Continue reading

Time for a Trim.

I’ll tell you, my hair has gone through a bit of change in the last few months and it is defiantly noticeable, at least to me. I had time off from work a couple of weeks ago and decided it was time to try a few new things with my hair. It’s easier to experiment when I have nowhere to be in the coming days, so if my hair turns out a hot mess, there’s no pressure to style it.

Continue reading