One Step Closer.

Well it’s starting to warm up and it is really motivating our household to get things done. Spring is one of those seasons that I didn’t give much thought to until I got older. Before, I wouldn’t really appreciate how the season unfolds and how beautiful it can really be. Now, I enjoy everything from the first daffodil to green buds blooming into full-grown leaves. Continue reading


End of a Road. Start of Another.

We finally have seen a little snow this season (for a mere moment). Now most of the snow has melted; it is nothing more than a wet day. This year so far has been quite busy for us, we have decided to move to Uruguay! As you can imagine we have been trying to organize the house in prep, not only for now but for the long hall. That’s right we are going all the way with this and hope to land at our new home in September! Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

  It has been 5 years ago today that I started this blog! What better way to celebrate with my readers than to write a post for you! I honestly can’t believe that I am here after all this time! Although there were times when I hardly wrote at all, I did not allow myself to give up on something I started. WordPress felt like the right fit for me and here we are still going strong! Many people ask what I write about but few ask why I started blogging in the first place. Well today is the perfect day to tell that story. Continue reading

Sun Daze.

    One of the places I loved during my past weekend trip was going into this small shop in the downtown area of the city. It was one of the last places we stopped off to see before heading home. If you didn’t pay any attention you may not even notice that was there. In a small red building lied this old time smoke shop! Everything was cased in beautiful wood. Upon walking in I was hit with the wonderful smell of cigars and pipe tobacco, as there were two very nice gentlemen puffing away on their pipes. In the center of the store was seating and a table for those who would like to hang around and enjoy a slow Sunday afternoon.
Continue reading

Morning at Market.

I have been dying to get this post up for a good week now and it’s finally done. I went to the local farmers market on the 4th of July to grab some fresh fruits and vegs for the day. I had to take my camera so I could test it out. It was nice and hot by the time I got there and there were quite a few people shopping for the festivities ahead. A band of locals gathered together to play music during the market, they  were pretty good. I love going to the market every chance I get! There is a group of people who make the best baked goods I have come across! All of the things for sale  are locally grown or made and it is always nice to give back to the community and support local businesses. A few of these photos I played around with and edited just to see how it all works. My pride and joy however is the beautiful shot of the blueberries. This photo came out just the way you see it! I am so excited to learn to use my camera in the best ways to create wonderful photos like this one! Well until next time.