Banging Banana Bread.

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A Taste of Montevideo.

     We did not have a chance to really get into the food but we did very much enjoy what we had. The first evening there we met with a friend of a friend who was a local to Montevideo and had agreed to take us to one of his favorite spots to eat. I forget the place but it is home to the national sandwich, the chivito!! I never, in my life have seen a sandwich that big before!! Brandon and I each got one and neither of us could finish, while our friend across the table had a clean plate!

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A Taste of Colonia.

    There is no way that we can talk about this amazing town and not mention the food! I bet you were wondering were all the food photos were. Well, lets just start by saying that there is nothing like food when it is in the freshest state.

Uruguay is known for their meat, wool and dairy. Everything we purchased in the matter of food was Uruguayan or made in Colonia. I have to stay, we really enjoyed the fact that most things produced were localized and therefore anything we bought reflected the community and culture. Different counties have different standards and that is something that was reflected for sure in the food.

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