Banging Banana Bread.

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 Weekends are the best when you get to spend it with family and friends. We had a concert and a wedding to attend in the same weekend. I was pumped to see one of my favorite bands ever! I thought I had all but missed my chance to see them on this tour. A day later after realizing there was no way I was going, the university I attended announced that their spring concert would be who?? That’s flipping right Painc! at the Disco!! I scream for a good three minutes. Once I bought the tickets I was beyond hyped! We went with four other people including my sister and best friend. The concert was amazing and I am so glad I got to see it live! Brendon Urie is much more talented in person and is an amazing performer! Continue reading

The Pies the Thing.

      This year is going fast and much faster every year. Now that it’s getting warmer and Spring is starting to show us how beautiful it can really be, we are starting to gather with friends for food and good times. A dear friend of ours invited us out to enjoy his wonderful grilling and hospitality. It was perfect for us as we had nothing to do and I owed them a very belated Christmas gift…Raspberry Cheesecake!

This was my second time making this beauty, my first was for Thanksgiving. It was a simple recipe that I found online, so perfect that it will become a staple! Everyone loved it! I believe it was the perfect thing to gift!