I’ve Nailed It!

   It’s that time of year where us ladies start really getting into a manicure routine. With Spring in full swing and summer around the bend we all can’t help but to have the desire to get pretty. We change our hair, bring out the dresses, sandals, swim suits and the killer mani/pedi. Continue reading


The Skin You’re In.

I have had several conversations with people in the last month or so about skin and it’s ever changing nature. I am very particular and meticulous when it comes to matters of my skin, honestly you should be too. Your skin is an organ, and like any other organ you have to take care of it. It’s the easiest to pay attention to and can give you clues to issues you may have with other parts of your body. Continue reading

Beauty Abroad.

 With all of the important things for the trip done, it’s time for me to start thinking of outfits, accessories and makeup! Which is one of the most fun parts about vacation, at least for me. It has been a while since I have had any beauty related posts. Why not get back into it with what I will be taking for the trip!

My makeup collection consist of two 150 palettes and one blush palette of 10 shades. There is no way that I will haul all of that for a trip! God forbid they get broken, I would be devastated! I really like the idea of packing just a few essentials that can help create loads of looks with out the hassle of bringing the whole vanity. Continue reading

If The Price is Right.

As I have started getting in to beauty products and such I began to notice a trend in what people like or use, what they would consider the holly grail of makeup.
That’s what I hear any time I watch a tutorial or read a magazine or anything for that matter. I have seen videos and pictures of women’s vanities and how they are stuffed FULL with Mac products, and I don’t just mean that the drawers are full but the whole counter has storage containers with 20 of the same eye liner, 10 blushes and then there is the eyeshadow…..tons of it!
Now I am loving my makeup, I love seeing what others use and how they use it, but I am starting to wonder is spending all that money necessary?
From what I understand Mac is not by any means cheap, however it is affordable to most. I checked out the prices for brushes online and they range anywhere from $15 all the way to $53!!! To me that is a little excessive!! I would never spend that much on ONE brush ever!

Continue reading