I guess this would be the part where I tell you something about myself? Well, I am….. Me. I remain true to myself always. I know who I am, as a woman and as a person. I hope to continue striving to be the woman I am to be. I want to share so much of my thoughts with those around me, rather they are in the same city or in another country.

I am a woman who loves thunderstorms, rocking out to loud rock music, I like gardening, camping in the fall, going for walks on a nice day, laughter and good times with good people and you can’t forget about the good food!

I’m a nerd! I like anime. I play video games. I care for the environment. I hold a degree. I am a career woman. I love science! If I could read all day I would.

I don’t wear makeup everyday. I’m growing my hair out natural. I have a chip in my tooth; I love it. I’m not perfect…….I’m just me and I have grown to love me….. just the way I am.


Your thoughts?

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