New Techniques.

      I didn’t expect my next post to be about my hair BUT, there are new developments I’m excited to share. I try to keep my hair post spread out as much as I can so I don’t over do it, especially when I write so few in a months time frame. I wrote a post a few weeks back called Time for a Trim. In that post I talked about my experience threading and straightening my hair, since then, there have been plenty of changes.

      I have stated many times in this journey that I am amazed at every corner I turn when it comes to my growth progress. I believe it will be the a reoccurring reaction as I continue to move forward. So I trimmed my hair for the first time nearly a month ago, in that time my hair has flourished! I mean, it has been growing quite a bit from week to week but since I trimmed it, it’s growing like a weed!

     After the first two weeks of babying it to death due to the fact I had put heat on it, I realized bantu knots are not really working for me as much as they use to, due to the length my hair had gotten. Now, my hair as I have stated, is very thick, so when I do my knots, they have to be small so I can achieve cleaner, less frizzy and long-lasting curls. If I make them chunky, I will most likely have frizzy hair that shrinks quicker in the week. The bantu knots, because I have to make them small, do not aid in keeping my hair stretched for very long.

     A solution was in order and that was to use my perm rods I got at the beginning of my journey. So, bantu knots out and perm rods back in. I have successfully used them in the past two weeks. It’s amazing how much my hair stretches and how long it lasts. I plat my hair in normal fashion, two strand twist, then wrap each one in a rod.

     The next day when I take it down not only will my hair be stretched and curled but has tons of volume!! I am getting closer to that big full fro that I have been lusting for! I want a high puff that’s bigger than life and I am getting closer with each passing month! I may need to use bigger rods to get even more volume, we shall see! My texture has changed a little and my curls are looking different now. I did not realize how many stages and changes there can be in hair growth! I also never thought I could be this excited about hair! But here I am! Chao!





Your thoughts?

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