I’ve Nailed It!

   It’s that time of year where us ladies start really getting into a manicure routine. With Spring in full swing and summer around the bend we all can’t help but to have the desire to get pretty. We change our hair, bring out the dresses, sandals, swim suits and the killer mani/pedi.  I have never been into going to a salon to get my nails done. I am a DIY person in every way that I can help it. Nothing wrong with saving a few coins by working out how, to not only do your own nails, but also how to make them last longer.

I have been having a good time doing my nails on a near weekly basis. Thanks to this One Stop Shop top coat by Pure Ice, which I have always looked over. I was a big fan of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails top coat for years. I realized it just doesn’t work for me anymore. If I can’t get a week out of it, it’s not worth it.

I was looking for another base AND top coat, the one I had grown to love was pulled off the shelves. I really enjoy the polishes from Pure Ice; it only takes two coats to get the color you see in the bottle! This top coat makes me enjoy their product even more! I put one coat on as a base, then two coats on top of color. I have also started using a four-way buff block which I think was part of the missing link in all this. That combined with the new top coat gives me bomb manicures and they last for a whole work week, maybe even longer if I properly prep them. I look forward to doing my nails more now that I have found a way to make them last! Now to get a new, more complete manicure kit!


Your thoughts?

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