Banging Banana Bread.


I finally did it! I made banana bread from scratch! I often keep a running list of new things to try in the kitchen. Recently I have been trying my hand at soups, pastries and breads will be my next venture. The more things I can successfully make, the more variety we have to create even more dishes. I want a Dutch oven so bad, that and a new knife set! Soon I will have both, fingers crossed!

This bread was made with sour cream; oh man, it was very soft and moist. I made it a couple of weeks ago in prep for a busy weekend, where eggs and bacon are out of the question for breakfast. I would go to the farmers market just to get banana bread from this amazing Amish family. Every thing they make is by hand, and delicious! I knew I could make it, honestly I was being lazy. Now that I have, I don’t need to buy it anywhere. It makes me feel accomplished and brings me joy to know I can create wonderful food by my own hand! The recipe now has a spot in my book:)

Future dishes to master: Salmon. Tomato Soup. Bread of any kind. Spanish Rice. Tortilla Soup. Empanadas. Steak. Pasta from Scratch. Apple Butter.

The list goes on…


Your thoughts?

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