Time for a Trim.

I’ll tell you, my hair has gone through a bit of change in the last few months and it is defiantly noticeable, at least to me. I had time off from work a couple of weeks ago and decided it was time to try a few new things with my hair. It’s easier to experiment when I have nowhere to be in the coming days, so if my hair turns out a hot mess, there’s no pressure to style it.

It all started because I wanted to stretch my hair; the technique I used didn’t help very much as my hair is thick and shrinks hard-core. I had an old knot out that I was working with. I saw the African threading technique and had to try it. It helped more than anything I had tried however, my hair was in such a state there was nothing better to do with it then straighten it.

I was not prepared to do this; it was completely random. But I figured while it’s straight, I can trim my hair as well. I have not had a full trim since I started my journey, so it was long over due. I got my flat irons out and started on very low heat. I learned that day my hair is very resilient to heat. I took three different passes over my hair, turning up the heat each time. I didn’t have to trim more than a half inch in any area, which meant my hair had maintained an overall healthy state and length.

The shrinkage was real!! Especially when it came to my ends, the more I combed and straightened the longer the ends stretched. My scalp was not so hard to work with because I pay close attention to it when I do my knot outs. To my surprise my hair was uniformly the same length! Honestly, I’m not so impressed with the length. My hair has been this long before and I knew it would be a long while before I would see shoulder length.

After all was said and done my hair would not stay 100% straight! Mind you I was terrified I had damaged it beyond all repair! It lasted ONE day before my curls were going back to their natural form. For the next two days I had to wear a hat because my hair was a hot mess. Sunday came, it was wash day, the day of truth, did I ruin my hair or did it make it through?

As you can see in the photo, my hair shrank right back up as if heat never touched it. I have been babying it, making sure to deep condition and keep oil on it. So far all is well! My texture as changed a little and my hair is even softer than before. I think it’s time to figure out new styles. And if I plan on straightening my hair in the future I may have to get an old school hot comb because I can tell you right now that flat irons aren’t going to cut it. In fact my mother used them on my head as a child so I know it’s something my hair can take. This was a fun time and I learned even more about my hair in the process! There most likely wont be any more heat touching my head for another year, so until then…. grown on, grown on.





Your thoughts?

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