One Step Closer.

Well it’s starting to warm up and it is really motivating our household to get things done. Spring is one of those seasons that I didn’t give much thought to until I got older. Before, I wouldn’t really appreciate how the season unfolds and how beautiful it can really be. Now, I enjoy everything from the first daffodil to green buds blooming into full-grown leaves.

Spring is normally a time for refreshing just about everything in your life and regrouping so that you can have a successful and productive year. That is very truthful for us this year. This season, this week in particular, has really got us up, moving, and checking things off the list. A monumental week, as our home has been officially sold! We are all relived and happy that it is done and over with. We can move forward with several other things on our list, all which include preparing for the move!

I was so excited this week the sooner closing approached, once it came and went, I can’t tell you how much more I was lifted in spirits. The same day I ended my contract with my real estate firm. I worked very hard to become a real estate broker and even harder once I was licensed. I don’t regret going into the field because it was something I truly wanted at one time. I don’t feel as though I failed or that I am giving up; I am simply moving on to a new adventure and exploring other career options. That creates so much excitement in me as I am ready for something different and challenging!

Also this week I started back at the gym! It’s time to burn the rest of this fat and tone up. It’s been a year since I have been to the gym as I was focusing on my diet. In that time frame I lost a few inches (I have no idea how many) and lost about 11 pounds. I have come a very long way in my healthy life style change and even more excited to see the results in a couple of months. I will see myself at a size that seemed out of reach at one point. So much positive change has happened; I am excited to see what else we can accomplish! Spring has been good to us, for that we owe it all the attention it deserves!



Your thoughts?

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