Making it Your Own.

      We are nearly a week into our new place and I think we are wearing it in pretty good. It’s refreshing to be in a new place, even if it’s only a mile from where your old residence was. Even if it’s only temporary. This place I feel reflects our personally and style well. We like older things, things that are worn in a bit, organic and feel homey. Throughout this process we are both learning what we like/need when it comes to choosing a new dwelling.

Honestly a one bedroom would make us happy, we don’t need or have too much. I keep a list of things we want to slowly add to our home, for instance I want to complete my vanity before the next move so, my eye is out for the right mirror.  I love thrifting and curb picking for anything I can revamp and make useful. I just found a nice bench on the curb last week that I will redo to match our bedroom and it will be at the foot of the bed instead of a couch(wouldn’t have room for one anyway, less is more).

I have always been a fan of DIY and home improvement projects. HGTV was one of the channels I was stuck on during my high school years and still stands as a favorite. I have learned a lot about what our style is and how we will reflect our personality through our home. It seems we like our homes older but add modern touches. It’s a process honestly, you wont get there over night. I have learned when building your style for your home, you have to take the time to piece it together. You can’t run out and buy everything. Go slow, think about everything you are buying what your overall look and feel will be.

For us it started with my vanity, now our bedroom has been built around it. Funny enough, it was the color scheme that Brandon had in mind for it anyway. If you are a person that likes to move often, I feel it is wise to build your home interior through your furnishing, using things that hold meaning or tell a funny story. Think outside the box and repurpose things you already own. That way, no matter where you take your stuff, you will always be surrounded by things that reflect you and add comfort.

Our situation is an odd one, as we are going backward from what most people our age are doing. We are trading being home owners to become renters and going from a large space to a small one. Most people are settling in, we are uprooting. It’s just funny the more I think about it. All the while I have been slowly piecing together our long-term style so that no matter where we land we will be able to call it home. Our bedroom and kitchen have been the main focus so far as they stand as the most important rooms to us. The rest will come in due time and we plan to have some fun with it along the way!


Your thoughts?

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