The Skin You’re In.

I have had several conversations with people in the last month or so about skin and it’s ever changing nature. I am very particular and meticulous when it comes to matters of my skin, honestly you should be too. Your skin is an organ, and like any other organ you have to take care of it. It’s the easiest to pay attention to and can give you clues to issues you may have with other parts of your body.

As I grew up my mother was always very pro-active in teaching us about our bodies, how they function, how to take care of ourselves, how to know when something is wrong and what to do to fix it. Skin care was highest on the list. I will never forget her teachings, I’m very grateful for that. I would not know how to properly care for my skin all these years had it not been for her. Because of such I have been able to maintain healthy and in my opinion beautiful skin. So I want to share with you some tips that I use daily to keep my skin in tip top shape.

Don’t Touch Your Face: Or allow anyone else to for that matter. It may sound like a no brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many people have the terrible habit of doing it all the time. I can still hear my mom to this day, ‘getcha hands out cha face’ constantly on my case about it. It makes sense though, all the things you touch in a day, you don’t want it on your face. Some people don’t like their hair touched, for me it’s my face. Don’t even think about it.

Know Your Skin Type and Behavior: This one is important because you want to be able to do/use things that aid in improving your skin, not hinder it. Knowing if you are oily, dry or  a bit of both will go a long way in your skin care regime. Knowing how it changes from season to season helps. Even as you age, because let’s face it, age plays a big part and if you are good to yourself early on it will pay off in the long run. Genetics fits in here as well. Ask your parents and grandparents about their skin, it will give you an idea of what to expect down the line.

Exfoliate: This is one of my favorite things to do on a regular basis. After awhile you should give yourself a good scrub down to help get rid of any dead, dry skin. I love using a gentle body scrub and a good loofah. Exfoliation helps to freshen up your skin and allows a cleaner surface at which to absorb any moisturizer you apply. Overall your skin will be brighter and healthier for it.

Moisturize: THIS. IS. KEY!! I am telling you people right now that if you stick to this you will be happier for it! Your skin needs moister in order to maintain a healthy state. Not keeping this in good practice means dry, wrinkled, dull skin and trust me honey you don’t want that. Don’t use just any moisture, like anything else you want to make sure what you are using is beneficial for you. I use coca butter every night right out of the shower and it has been part of my regime for years. It helps to smooth, tighten and soften my skin overall.

Drink H2O and Keep a Healthy Diet: The saying you are what you eat is a true statement! You aren’t going to get very far with the tips mentioned above if you are pumping your body with tons of sugar filled drinks and junk. Keeping yourself clean inside and out is what helps to ensure that you get the best results and performance from your body. Water is what we thrive off of , so keep hydrated!

Skin care is something I find every important to keep up with. I have always been told I have great skin, of course that comes from the work I put in to it on a DAILY basis and thanks to my mamma for guiding me in that. There of course is a lot more to share with you, like the products I use, however I will save that for a later post. Until then..



Your thoughts?

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