Ode to this Space.

      There’s no better way to say goodbye to something or someone then to throw an amazing party! That’s just what we did last Saturday after our home was officially sold (closing to follow). We invited about twenty of our closest friends and siblings to come out and celebrate to the occasion.

My brother was wonderful enough to come early to help with the food and a couple of people brought wine and spirits. I set each space in the kitchen as a “station” of finger foods that guests could access with ease at anytime during the evening. The idea come from this amazing book I found at TJ Maxx and it was only a dollar! Throwing a get together like this made me so happy I bought all those little entertainment pieces throughout the years!

       I will miss my kitchen, as it’s a very big space, perfect for entertaining and I can’t tell you how many times our loved ones have gathered here. Big windows line the perimeter with a wonderful view of the Japanese blossom tree that sits right outside my sink window. I’ll miss the way the light comes in during different seasons of the year and the big walk-in pantry.

 Most of all I will miss being able to play host for my loved ones all in one space at the same time. It made me so happy to give back to them, this party was for them, because without every single one of them, this space would not have meaning. They helped fill it with laughter, love, fun and food… lots of food! Man, I’m glad I’m surrounded by people who love food! So on to the next kitchen to create more good times and smiles. Yes, they will come, I can’t get rid of any of them, especially after they have had my cooking. I hope they all know I look forward to it! Chao!



Your thoughts?

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