End of a Road. Start of Another.

We finally have seen a little snow this season (for a mere moment). Now most of the snow has melted; it is nothing more than a wet day. This year so far has been quite busy for us, we have decided to move to Uruguay! As you can imagine we have been trying to organize the house in prep, not only for now but for the long hall. That’s right we are going all the way with this and hope to land at our new home in September!

As you go through life you think about where you could/want to be by a particular time frame or by a certain age. I have long and short-term goals of course but I never thought that moving to another country, would be the thing I would be doing before I turned thirty. I have had this plan for my life for years, it’s scary really that I have been carefully making choices that would make this possible but now, with the love of my life?? This is awesome!! I always pictured living abroad, Spain was my first choice, that is until we visited Uruguay last October.

pexels-photo-213768Have you ever visited a place and knew right away that it’s where you belong? That’s how we both felt. Some people like to think where you are born is where you should be but that’s not true; I bet not for a lot of us. Home will always be a place you can go back to and I believe you can call multiple places your home. Uruguay, I feel, is where I should be for the rest of my life, I have never felt that way about any place before. I never saw my self dying in the same town I was born, hell I never pictured dying anywhere, but here, I can see myself staying and growing old.

This week is one of the most exciting for us! I have mentioned that we have been getting our home together, packing and such. Our home sells this week (pray we make it to closing) and this morning we got the keys for our new place! I really like the next place, it will be nice to be one step closer to the big move and a step away from our past. We have been trying to sell the house for a while so it will be a complete relief for the both of us once it’s gone. I will miss the huge kitchen but truly I am ready to live a simpler life in a small space.

This has been a long time coming as we have been looking at Uruguay for the past four years. During that time I have de-cluttered and compacted our things down dramatically, knowing that one day I would need to stuff our lives into a shipping container to be sent miles away. I have been contemplating a post or two on downsizing your life, if that is of interest to you all, let me know!

As of now, all the things we are keeping that are not in use are packed and fit into a closet, yes ONE closet! Most things left unpacked (minus the bed) will be left behind with someone who can put them to good use. I have learned through this process that less is more and being able to fit two people’s lives into one closest is oddly very satisfying. Brandon looked at our closet and said “We aren’t very materialistic are we?”, I said nope!

This is the start of a new life and adventure for us and we are both excited, along with plenty of other emotions. Once this week is over, we are all moved into our temporary place and we make it to the closing table, we can begin to enjoy our last few months with our family and friends before we are off to see what else life has in store for us. I think I will take you all along with us! Until next time…Chao!



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