Happy Birthday!

  It has been 5 years ago today that I started this blog! What better way to celebrate with my readers than to write a post for you! I honestly can’t believe that I am here after all this time! Although there were times when I hardly wrote at all, I did not allow myself to give up on something I started. WordPress felt like the right fit for me and here we are still going strong! Many people ask what I write about but few ask why I started blogging in the first place. Well today is the perfect day to tell that story.

screenshot-2017-02-13-22-13-04 I created ‘I’m Just Me’ one night while sitting in my dorm after a week of deciding which site to call home. I knew several people who kept their own blogs and asked them for tips. At the beginning of the year the idea had come to me and it took about a month for me to decide if I wanted to make the commitment.

At this point in my life I had been going through a hard time. (I will get personal with you all today because the entire reason for ‘I’m Just Me’ is because of this situation and has become the force behind why I still write today.) I was seeing someone and fell hard…okay very hard. It didn’t work out and I was devastated.

It honestly took me a very long time to come back from it. It wasn’t a broken heart that got me writing, as you may begin to assume. It was the reason it ended, which equated to things I couldn’t control, things I do that make me who I am. All the sudden I wasn’t what he wanted… because I was being myself? I am me, I don’t know how to be anyone else… what who did he expect me to be?? I didn’t understand.

I never claim to be something I am not and I sure as hell don’t claim to be perfect. I am not without my mistakes, my mistakes help shape who I am and I regret none. I was taken aback and it put me real low, I couldn’t shake it. I began to lose confidence in myself and doubt my self-worth. Honestly, it took awhile to build myself back up. I was able to do so and this blog aided in that.

I never thought in my life my self-confidence be shot to the floor. That I would allow anyone to make me feel as though being me should be something to hide. I needed a place where I could be myself and celebrate things I enjoy in life, things that make me happy.

This blog celebrates me, allows me to shine and helps me remember to never again allow myself to feel inadequate because I don’t live up to someone’s expectation. To never apologize for not molding myself into something that is not true to me and my spirit. To never forget that I am more than how the world views me, and the way the world views me does not make or break me. And to never lost sight of who I am because I will always just be….me.

To another five years! Cheers!




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