Surviving the Layover.

It would not be right to leave out a big part of the trip, getting there. We traveled for a full day each way. This was our first time traveling on a flight for so long, Brandon was more nervous about it than I was, which is surprising. Knowing that we had a couple layovers on the way and a very long one coming home I prepared to the best of my ability. In the end I didn’t do too bad!

     It was a weird feeling being excited to go but knowing we wouldn’t be at our final destination for another whole day. The one thing of importance was having access to the internet, which I checked online to see if all the airports would have WiFi. It was mainly for Brandon; I had packed my Nook and download a couple of audio books along with a few games on my phone. WELL, I guess I didn’t look into it well enough because once we got there, we learned that you only get an hour, AN HOUR of internet!! We had layovers that were HOURS long!

Once we realized internet was not going to be available, we just entertained ourselves, kept each other company, talking, laughing, and trying not to pull our hair out. Our layovers in Miami and Panama were only 3 to 4 hours so it wasn’t bad. However our layover in Sao Paulo was 11 hours long! That was a tough day! We slept, walked around several times, we ate a little food and had a few drinks; the drinks saved us for a time.

Thank goodness I carried a big bag with plenty of other options! But we made it through just fine. The flights were not bad at all, at least for me, my poor sweetheart was so nervous that he was having whiskey once we were set in motion! I didn’t think I would be able to sleep on the overnight flights but I did and when I woke it was breakfast time; after a while longer we were landing.

Of course I’m going to talk about the food! We got a snack meal on just about every flight, you guys know I was down for it! Once we got on from Miami to Panama it was lunch time and the smell filling the air was wonderful! To my surprise what did we get…EMPANADAS!! I was totally excited about this! Yes, it was very good, to be honest most of the food we had in-flight wasn’t bad.

I had a few glasses of wine and watched what free tv they offered. It was relaxing in a way, to just be. Brandon will disagree and say none of it was enjoyable except getting hammered to calm his nerves! Lol! This won’t be the last time we make this flight so it’s nice to know that after everything we can get through it!

Side note: Our passport covers turned out to be the most handy to us. Each one had pockets so we were able to kept money, cards and tickets in one place without fear of loosing anything! Smart move on my part!


Your thoughts?

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