A Taste of Montevideo.

     We did not have a chance to really get into the food but we did very much enjoy what we had. The first evening there we met with a friend of a friend who was a local to Montevideo and had agreed to take us to one of his favorite spots to eat. I forget the place but it is home to the national sandwich, the chivito!! I never, in my life have seen a sandwich that big before!! Brandon and I each got one and neither of us could finish, while our friend across the table had a clean plate!

      Now you can understand why I said I needed two stomachs for this trip!! The other place we took the time to dine at was the last meal we had in Uruguay. I can’t say enough how amazing the food was! I had my last glass of Tannat and Brandon had some whiskey. We promised we would have at least one ‘nice’ meal before our trip was over and this was the place! So being that we were enjoying ourselves, I got desert! It was a molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream and oh so good!

     We were able to take some time to get to a local grocery store about three blocks down from the hotel (I love how close things were!). I bought bon bons which I grabbed like ten of and orange juice (OMG SO GOOD). We weren’t able to buy much since our frig didn’t work and we were there for a limited amount of time but at least we got to check it out. It reminded me a little bit of a grocery store back home, just smaller. 

    There were lots of places to dine and many to just grab fresh fruit and go. The farmers market was blocks long and not just for food but for just about anything! The first few blocks were like a yard sale people selling things they may not want or things they have made. I wanted to buy everything but our limited time held me at bay.

There are many more tales of this city and it is hard to fit everything you want to express about a place into so many words. Montevideo is a wonderful city to discover and has plenty to offer! We enjoyed our time and was so glad we got one nice day to explore another wonderful city of Uruguay. We will one day call this amazing country home.


Your thoughts?

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