After Colonia we spent the next two days in Uruguay’s capital. Seeing that we had to catch our flight in the early morning we decided to stay an extra day so that we could have a chance to look around at whatever we liked. I should start off by staying that neither of us are city people… at all! However I must say that I can get down with this city. There was so much to see that we had to choose what we did with our time wisely. 

     We arrived in Montevideo via bus then took the city transportation to the Sur Hotel, which was only three blocks away from the water! We used local transportation the whole trip; getting around was never an issue. After we got off the bus a lady was nice enough to ask where we were headed; she noticed we were in need of a little direction. Words honestly can’t describe how nice the people of this country are. I know I have stated it before but it’s just something you have to experience!

    It was Thursday afternoon and oh, it was busy! People everywhere, the streets full of cars, just like any other city would be like at that time of day. I was amazed at all the things there were to see and bummed we only had a day and a half visit. There were old beautiful buildings and modern newer ones. Graffiti was on EVERYTHING which was a shock  to me; I guess because I have never seen so much of it before. There were statues and sculptures everywhere celebrating the history and culture of the city. It was nice to see the arts well represented.

     I was not leaving without seeing the big sign so Friday afternoon we walked the boardwalk all the way there (we could have just taken a bus but that’s another story). It turned out to be the best thing because we got to enjoy the city on foot. That day, was our last and the sun decided to come out… for the whole day!! We enjoyed our walk (6 miles), stopping to enjoy a rest on the beach or taking pictures and we had a view of the river the whole way! We at this wonderful restaurant down the hill from the big sign. It was the perfect way to end our afternoon walk, by enjoying wonderful food and a nice view.

     After we ate we took the bus (the one we could have gotten on earlier) back toward our hotel, since there was enough daylight we decided to get off to see the Plaza! I really wanted to see the Gateway of the Citadel along with the General on the horse, however I clearly don’t know how to read a map(nor did I take it out to double check) but we only saw the General on his horse and not the Gateway.

     I was devastated when I realized it was RIGHT BEHIND THE GENERAL!!!! However that horse is MASSIVE!!!! So, you have to walk around it to even see the other side of the street. There was plenty more that we wanted to see and could have spent another week doing so. I am glad we spent the extra time in Montevideo, you just ever know how much you may like a place until you get there. More times than not you’ll find yourselves wishing you had just one more day. For us, that was most certainly the case.



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