A Taste of Colonia.

    There is no way that we can talk about this amazing town and not mention the food! I bet you were wondering were all the food photos were. Well, lets just start by saying that there is nothing like food when it is in the freshest state.

Uruguay is known for their meat, wool and dairy. Everything we purchased in the matter of food was Uruguayan or made in Colonia. I have to stay, we really enjoyed the fact that most things produced were localized and therefore anything we bought reflected the community and culture. Different counties have different standards and that is something that was reflected for sure in the food.

We didn’t go out to eat a lot but we did buy groceries to cook for most of the stay. There are plenty of spots to eat that specialize in local wine, cheeses and other things. There are small grocery shops in town where you can get just about anything you need. Honestly since I have lost so much weight, I could not eat the way I wanted to. I could have used two extra tummies to fit all the food and wine I really wanted to have.

We had to get a couple of ‘American’ snacks just to try them out. The soda there has no high fructose corn syrup but cane sugar, so the difference in taste was apparent and better. They have a recycle program were they reuse the coke bottles that are made of a higher plastic. The Doritos were better than the American brand, no contest, some may disagree. 

Let’s talk about a couple more things before I talk about the local dairy and produce. The Toddy cookies….OH MY WORD! They were something like a Chips Ahoy cookie but way, way better! I loved them so much that I bought three more packs! One whole pack made it back to the states with us and after a week they were gone! If I could order these cookies to be shipped to me on a regular, it would defiantly be happening.

If you haven’t heard, Tannat is a red wine grape and it is grown in Uruguay along with other places, but it’s the national grape. It is THE wine there and a very good one at that! It was a full bodied wine which complimented the chicken that we made. Oh, the chicken and cheese and orange juice was all so good and flavorful. I did not have a cabinet of spices, only salt but that is all I needed! Everything had a natural flavor to it; we could taste how clean and fresh the meat was. I fell in love even more!

The first thing we had when we got there was a hamburguesa! There was a food truck parked on the street and had the most amazing smell coming from it! The beef was so good, fresh and clean tasting! The beef is defiantly nothing like here in states,  it’s better! We enjoyed every bite while watching locals dance and play drums in the street. It was the best thing we could have for or first meal in Colonia. It will not be our last, that’s for sure!

Side story: Our hosts were amazing enough to invite us over for dinner our last night in Colonia! We had handmade pasta and Argentinian wine, which were both amazing! It really showed us that food and fellowship is just as much a part of their lives as it is ours!


Your thoughts?

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