Barrio Histórico, Colonia.

This charming old town is what really grabbed my attention when I was learning about Uruguay. I have been drawn to older towns and things for most my life (the reason I fell in love with Savannah, GA) and my interest has been growing over time. I realized how much I enjoy places that hold such historical value and presence. There is something fascinating about it I am just drawn to, for those reasons I booked majority of our stay there.

Colonia del Sacramento is a town that has been shaped though its history, which it something you can see and feel when you’re there. It has been claimed by different counties throughout time before finally gaining independence in 1809. Most of the historic quarter has been kept in its original form with little to no new structures. Lots of them are in use as shops, schools and restaurants while others stood abandon and for sale.

Old cars are littered throughout, parts of the fort still stand and the stone that makes up the road hasn’t been disturbed. The architecture was very beautiful; as you leave or enter the quarter you can see the changes in the style as the town becomes older or newer. The skyline of Buenos Aires was visible from the coast, I have to say it was amazing how easy it was to see or rather how close the two cities are.

We found this beautiful gem shop where they sell amethyst jewelry all native to Uruguay! You know I couldn’t leave without buying something, of course it was a ring. We were able to spend a good amount of time there, but it was not enough, there was so much to see and explore. For the moment we allowed ourselves to get lost in the beauty of a town with such historic significance to its country.


Your thoughts?

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