Falling for Colonia.

        Before I dive in and tell you about the trip, let me start by saying that we have been looking forward to visiting this country for the last three years. Brandon and I decided it would be a place to strongly consider making our new home. After much research and insight about this small country, we thought it would be worth it to check it out. We are not the “get up and leave everything on a whim” kind of people but after this visit, I think we could very much be “those” kind of people.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay is a small town that sits along the Rio de La  Plata. I can tell you after day one we were sold, even after I had been stung by a bee! This small town is everything we hoped for and more! We arrived on Sunday October 16th after about 24 hours of travel. It was Spring and a very sunny, warm day. We only got two the whole time, the first day and the last day.

We arrived to Colonia after a 3 hour bus ride from Montevideo and then a taxi to the country side. We stayed 4 nights at an AirBnB listing in the most adorable, cozy tree house. It was located on a small farm with plenty of nature surrounding it. Our hosts Martin and Carolina were the best and most kind people! That was a glimpse of what the rest of the people were like, all friendly, welcoming and warm. No matter what we were doing or even the fact that our Spanish was not very good or that we were clearly not locals, the people of this county were truly a breath of fresh air!

Speaking of fresh air, the air smelled so nice! All the trees were blooming and it just filled the air with hits of floral sense throughout the town. The fields were full of grass and grape vines, roaming cattle and horses. There were stray dogs everywhere in town but all were friendly and taken care of by… the community, which I thought was cool. Everyone seemed carefree in Colonia, just laid back and real down to earth.

We spent the next four days going into town to explore; our hosts were wonderful enough to let us ride back and forth with them. It was rainy and cold (my jacket got ruined because of it) from Monday on but it didn’t matter to us, we were finally where we had waited to be for so long. There are so many words yet not enough to describe the way I felt being there. A place I had never been felt so comfortable, so safe…so right. I have fallen for not just Colonia but the country as a whole; we both did. I believe this a place I could call home.



Your thoughts?

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