A Year Later.

You know, time can really get away from you if you’re not careful. I should have been here a month ago filling you all in about our wonderful trip (those will be up this week), however once we landed life happened and sooner than we knew we were off to Houston. Now back home, we are starting to settle for winter and the rest of the holiday season. I have already got most the house together and festive!

November 15th marked a year since I decided to stop using heat on my hair! At that point I had been transitioning for a year, unintentionally, and had noticeable new growth. Honestly it was most of the driving force to try my hand at being natural. My birthday falls this week and I wanted to start the week with something positive by celebrating how far I have come in my hair growth journey.

I can’t say enough how blown away I am every week at how much growth I have. Yes, I truly see my hair grow on a week to week basis. It becomes more exciting with time.

My hair now has some length to it and with that comes change. One noticeable difference is my hair is much easier to de-tangle when wet than before. I am able to comb and stretch my hair without so much struggle. Another change is my curls ability to define more. Once I pull my curls out from the knots I can pull small defined strands apart and it will hold.

My hair takes longer to dry once styled so I now let it air dry for about 45 minutes before I begin. I still only co-wash with a ‘poo’ every few months. Last week I did a ‘poo’ and hot oil treatment to prepare my hair/scalp for the winter months.

 My hair is still at that awkward length in some instances, like I can’t quite make a twist out work out for me (trust me I tried last week). The shrinkage can be real but I have really embraced it, along with the frizz, which has improved slightly. Oh, the fro is getting big! I can’t wait til it is even bigger! To another year!


Your thoughts?

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