Beauty Abroad.

 With all of the important things for the trip done, it’s time for me to start thinking of outfits, accessories and makeup! Which is one of the most fun parts about vacation, at least for me. It has been a while since I have had any beauty related posts. Why not get back into it with what I will be taking for the trip!

My makeup collection consist of two 150 palettes and one blush palette of 10 shades. There is no way that I will haul all of that for a trip! God forbid they get broken, I would be devastated! I really like the idea of packing just a few essentials that can help create loads of looks with out the hassle of bringing the whole vanity.

I have been enjoying neutrals this season with bold lips. You can go from daytime to evening with ease and speed. I had been looking for a small palette that I could take along with me when I travel. We have been doing a bit of moving around this year and it was becoming a hassle packing my makeup. So I began to look for a simpler way.

Revlon came out with a line of small neural palettes I had been eyeing for a while, finally I picked one up and I love it! The only thing was it didn’t have black. No look is complete for me without blush. I ran across this beautiful raspberry blush just last week on clearance. It is just so beautiful and small enough to take with me! The second find was the cutest five shadow matte palette. This was only $1.50 and worth it! I have used it and the blush, not only did the products work well, but it lasted all day! I was very impressed for products that together cost me less than 5$. The gold eye shadow is amazing! It is unlike any other gold shadow that I own and it’s great for any occasion!

I only have to pack a small makeup bag with these products along with the basics and I will be set for the whole trip and many to come!



Your thoughts?

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