For the past few months Brandon and I have been planning our trip to Uruguay, South America! I have yet to mention it here because I wanted to be sure everything was a go. I have been nervous up until this month, now I am just excited! I have booked our stay and everything is about squared away. So for the next couple weeks I will be blogging our adventure and all the fuss leading up to it.

We applied for our passports in January, as was my goal for the beginning of the new year. They arrived in a month which was pretty fast even for my expatiations. Since then I have been looking for passport covers for us and I finally came across one that I loved! I went back to school shopping with my cousins and the one thing on my list was to get a passport cover. Lucky me there was a Coach and Kate Spade outlet where we were going. I had searched all of the local places around me and even on Amazon but did not find hardly anything.

I found this at the Kate Spade store and fell in love with the vibrant color and craftsmanship. There were several different options but this one really caught me eye. This is the first designer purchase that I have made and I was just thrilled. The bags were on sale like crazy and I was rather tempted to buy one…I was not there for a bag so I had to step away. Next time however, I see a bag in my future!

I am waiting on Brandon’s case to come in. I almost got the cover from Coach for him but that’s not his style. His is a gear shift case and I hope he will love it as much as I love mine! 


Your thoughts?

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