The Cleanse.

    I have finally decided to try out a cleanse after giving it some thought. A colleague and friend of mine is a vendor for the It Works! company. I am sure some of you have heard about the company here and there. They offer a range of products that help with things such as weight loss.  Their products are said to help with hair and nail growth, cleanse your body of toxins, shed water weight, wraps that aid in tummy reduction, as well as products for your skin.

I am a skeptic, I am not going to lie. I have been on a healthy lifestyle/weight loss journey since October of 2013. With hard work and dedication I have now lost about 40 pounds and still losing. Since March, I quit the gym and began focusing on my diet, I have lost 8 pounds since. Prior to March I had been at a steady plateau for 5 months. I have taken the time to learn about proper eating habits and diet during my journey.  I am very weary of the type of claims that these products make. I decided to give it a go anyway, if it’s not for me at least I can say I tried.

First Impression/Day 1

This cleanse takes two days, four bottles total. You take one before breakfast, and one before dinner, drink plenty of water, stay away from fried and process food. In other words eat healthy for the next two days.


      The smell was not bad, it smelled like fruits, but the taste…it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. The taste was SO over powering. It tasted how I think concentrated Hawaiian Punch would taste like. So I had to switch between water and the cleanse to get it all down.Then I ate my breakfast, which was oatmeal. From that point on my stomach was upset and I knew it was the cleanse. I drank two full bottles of water and had a sandwich for lunch before my tummy ache subsided and that was about 3pm. I drank it at about 9 that morning. So I am not too happy at this point and I am dreading drinking the next one for fear I will have a tummy ache all night. We will see..

I  drank the second one about 20 minutes before dinner. At that time I had five bottles of water. This time no tummy ache! The taste is hard to put down, but I chased it with water and was done. For dinner I had fish, broccoli and garlic bread. No tummy ache after. Yay!

Day 2

I had the cleanse, half a bagel and a hard boiled egg afterward. That morning my tummy did not get upset which was awesome. I had lunch, a PB and J and chips (I know) felt fine afterward. I had the cleanse then a grilled swiss cheese and tomato soup for dinner and felt fine. I had the same amount of water as the day before.

Day 3/Results

Well here I am, day three and I should be feeling a few benefits to the cleanse. I don’t feel any different honestly. My energy level is the same and although I have not been able to weigh myself, I am pretty sure I have not lost any weight (that wasn’t a goal of mine anyway). It did not make me go to the bathroom more than usual. So I have to conclude that this did not work… for me. I think that due to my ‘mostly healthy’ life style there wasn’t much to ‘cleanse’. I drink water like it’s nothing, no really, I carry my bottle everywhere I go and I have been doing that since I started my fitness journey. The other option is that it just does not work. I can not make that blanket statement;  just because it did not work for me does not mean that it may not work for someone else. For the price point I do not think I will be purchasing this again, but I did give it a go.

This was conducted Monday the 26th and Tue the 27th.


Your thoughts?

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