One Bird, Two Meals

We had a friend of ours a few months back make a meal for us which included a small BBQ glazed chicken. He said he had only gotten it for 3$! It feed five people just fine with plenty left over. Then I realized all the fun I could have with a 3$ chicken for weekly meals. You know I love a bargain and a challenge. I had made my first one in the crock pot for a Sunday meal, the second time I made it was just for the three of us. I knew then that there would be plenty meat left over to make a meal for the next day.

I love my crock pot let’s start off by saying! I found a recipe for a simple rub from spices I had. I wanted something that was very different from the first one, since I was going to be using the chicken for the next dinner. I saw on a blog that a lady laid balls of foil in the bottom of the pot and laid the chicken on it; well I didn’t do that the first time and the chicken fell apart into its juices.

This time though, knowing that I wanted to make chicken noodle soup for the next day (just in time too), I laid onion in the bottom and then set the bird on top of its foil bed and set it on high. I did this at about 7am. Around 5 pm it was near done so I set it to low for 2 more hours. At 7 we all sat down and ate. Cooking this bird in the crock pot was the best idea! The meat was still whole and I could just pull all the bones out with ease!

The next day I separated the rest of the skin and bone which equaled to about half the bird. I put water and bouillon cubes to a boil, added the chicken and then the egg noodles until done! Easy! That was it, I may have added a little pepper but the chicken was seasoned so well, there was no need to add any extra spice! The kid gave the soup a fantastic and ate good portion of it! We were all getting over a little cold, so the soup was our saving grace.

I have enjoyed finding new ways to prepare and cook food. I have been out of college for a long while now and cooking meals everyday can get very boring and tiresome if you don’t become inventive with what you eat and how you cook it. One thing we are learning is that there are no rules to cooking, you just cook and the rest will follow. It leaves the door open for mistakes, plenty of laughs and new ideas. Making it something that we can all enjoy doing together.


Your thoughts?

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