Growing it Out.

     I have had my first experience with rain and my natural hair. It was going to rain the whole week, so I decided I was going to wear my fro all week instead of washing and re-styling. A few drops of rain mixed with humidity just messes up the whole do. There was no way in hell I was going to re-style, so fro it was! I didn’t care because I really didn’t have the time. It was the first time since the braids that I had skipped a week of conditioning, making it two weeks since the last co-wash. That made me nervous but I made it work the best I could.

Now that wash day has come I get another chance to do these bantu knots! I am now out of rod sets and can knot my hair! My hair has grown so much since the box braids it is amazing to see results. I never knew that my hair would grow so fast, and thick! It is starting to soften up a little the longer it gets. The curl pattern has changed slightly and my hair is standing taller.

It has been awhile since a hair update, so it is time for a new one. It has now been about a year and a half in transition and 9 months since I have put any type of heat to my hair. It has been four months since the box braids, which I kept in for about two months. All the relaxed hair has been removed leaving me fully natural for 3 months. My hair has become easier to de-tangle the longer is gets and it the most manageable when wet. I have added a new product to my routine, which I shall touch on soon. It’s able to still maintain moisture throughout the week without needing to reapply any oil and the stretch is still there. It’s about time for a new way to wrap my hair at night; my hair is barely able to fit in my current bonnet.

I am still very happy with my choice; I grow and learn from it daily. If it continues to grow at this pace, who knows where it will be by Christmas time!


Your thoughts?

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