It’s a Wrap.

Last Sunday was a nice day to lay around and take our time getting out of bed. By then it was near noon and we had not had anything to eat. Being a lazy day, I really didn’t feel like cooking a complicated or large meal. Thanks to YouTube I found the perfect idea for brunch! I showed Brandon the video and he promptly states, “let’s do it”! I had everything we needed on hand ready to be cooked! This only took 10 minutes to make and I made four of them! Since I was being a bum I only used the chorizo and three eggs, fried them in the cast iron and loaded the tortillas and added cheese. After that I cooked them until brown on each side. Good thing I didn’t devour both of mine before I realized I should be taking a few pictures of my quick breakfast to share with you all! These were so good and filling. Since they are so simple and cost affective to make I will be adding this to my list of staple recipes from here on out, along with trying different ingredients and different tortilla flavors! I am getting all excited thinking of all the possibilities! Man, I love food too much! But is that really a crime? Until next time!


Your thoughts?

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