Fresh Twist Out (post braids)

   Here we are! After two months wearing box braids, which was very fun, here are the results! My hair has grown for sure in that time frame and healthy too ! I wanted to go through a few thoughts and reactions that I had during my wash day.

First thing I noticed is how soft it had gotten and the amount of shrinkage! I didn’t realize that my hair could shrink or stretch as much as it does but it was defiantly a treat to see! My edges are still healthy, intact and there was little fall out after washing.

My curls are more defined now that there is a little more length behind them. Of course my hair has fizz but there’s not a way to really get rid of it so I will just embrace it the best I can. My curls are not the smoothest either. That’s okay though, I think the curls will get better the longer my hair gets, or with plenty more practice styling.

I have now entered into an awkward stage in growth. My hair is long enough but not long enough, if that makes any sense. Now that my hair is longer I am able to stretch it to get a bigger do, which I am defiantly exited for. I think the chunky twist out or rod set are going to be my go to styles for now. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to come up with new styles at this stage, it’s a little frustrating. I’m not giving in though! Only one way to move, forward! So, onward!







Your thoughts?

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