Modern Dreams.

Last Friday we finally received our new king mattress and bed frame. The whole experience was new to me from buying a new mattress, to ordering a large piece of furniture from the internet (it made me a little nervous). But rain pouring down and all I got everything delivered and set up in enough time to head out for the concert.

The mattress we tested out at a mattress store and decided it was the one. I was scared that we may have chosen the wrong one and it may be too firm. However, after a full week of sleeping in it and just getting used to it, we decided it was the best choice that we both could have made! This bed is so comfortable! I wake up with no aches and pains and I feel well rested!

Let’s talk about this platform bed for a moment. This frame really makes the bed what it is. It came with all the parts carefully packaged in the zipped up compartment in the back which will be very convenient for moving in the future. The installation of it was very simple and quick.

The wooden slats are strong and evenly placed so that the mattress is evenly supported throughout. This thing is very sturdy and quiet, which was a surprise to me. You just never really know what you are buying from the internet. This time I think we made a great choice all around. Our room and style direction is starting to come together nicely! Just a few more pieces and it will be complete!


Your thoughts?

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