The Take Down.

After two months with box braids, it was finally time to take them down and see what the results were. I have been more excited the closer time it came to take them out. It’s funny being as excited as I was about seeing how much my hair may have grown.

I started at the back and worked my way up. The amount of length that it was became more apparent the more braids I removed. Taking out the braids was easy and was not too time consuming. I was surprised at how much my hair stretched out (forgot to take that photo), and at the small amount of hair that has come out during the take down.

You can tell in the photos that my ends in the front are still relaxed, which is good, it didn’t break off in the months it was braided. After my wash day I will be cutting those ends so the hair can continue to be healthy and grow.

My hair was much softer than before and was able to not only stretch but shrink as well. While having braids in my head, it was very important to take care of my hair as if it was still out. I took the best care while having them installed, including washing and oiling my hair. Because of that my hair was able to thrive and grow with little to no breakage in the end.

I am very glad that I decided to put my hair up in braids for a little while. There was much reward and lessons learned with it. I now know I can wear box braids as a protective style and it not only protects it but promotes growth. It will be my go to from here on out! Now, on to the next stage of growth!


Your thoughts?

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