Natural Essentials.

It didn’t take me long after deciding to go natural to get rid of the products I had and find new ones that were healthier and promote growth. I don’t use many products, so it’s no surprise that I ended up using no more than five products at any given time.

These three products I absolutely love and have been part of my route since day one. They have given me results and will stay staples forever…or until discontinued, but let’s not wish that evil upon them!

The Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner was the first thing I had heard about from other naturals. The reviews all praised it, so I decided to try it out. It was a little more than I wanted to spend at the time but I told myself if I was going natural, I’m going all the way. The first week I used too much but after some time I had it down. This product only calls for a dime size amount for the whole of your head! I have not even used half the bottle and I have been using it for months! So the extra money spent was well worth it. It locks in moister as well as strengthens my hair, from the root all the way to the tip.

The second snag was oil. I have been eyeing this Argan Oil of Morocco by Ogx since it hit the shelves years ago. Everything I read stated oil was really good for hair growth. I use this oil while taking down my perm rods. My hair and scalp have been able to hold the oil! Yay! (My hair use to be so dry no matter how often I moisturized it.) I still use an herbal hair grease for my scalp when I feel my hair needs more food. I love this oil, the way it smells, feels, just everything!

I have been looking for an edge control that really holds my hair down. I have tried different products in the past but nothing ever laid my edges down long enough or at all. One day my co-worker was laying hers down before we started the day and she hooked up my edges for me. When I say my edges were laid all day…all day! So, I bought the Silk Elements Straight Edges gel. I was lucky enough to catch a deal, buy one get one FREE! So I am stocked for a long while. This gel has helped not only my edges but also with my box braids and keeps frizz down. Let me not forget to mention how good it smells!

I have a couple other things that I use regularly that have helped along the way. Perm rods, they have been my saving grace as I’ve been transitioning. Every week I deep condition and rod my hair. The style will last a weeks time and I don’t have to worry about fooling with it every day. They are also very cost affective, only a few bucks per pack and you can use them until they wear out! I have said no to ‘poo’ and have been using an olive oil and tea tree conditioner to cleanse my hair. I will be looking into a different one after it’s run out, just to try something new.

The one piece of advice that I would get from just about anyone I asked was to not become a ‘product junkie’. I can see how that can be an issue, with all the new things on the market for natural hair. I don’t like to purchase much when I don’t know if it will work for me, so I am very hesitant to buy a bunch of hair products. I think I chose wisely this time around!



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