Out of the Box.

       It is now going on week three with my box braids and I must say it has and most certainly was love at first sight! As I was sitting there for HOURS, which wasn’t bad, do to the Fast and Furious marathon we were having, I was wondering what if these don’t suit me?  What if I look horrible in these braids?? Then what?? 

Let me just say that you can not judge a style until it is fully finished. After all the braiding was done, I was still not sure it would work for me. I forgot completely that we still had to drip the braids in boiling water before we were done. Once dipped, dried and clipped I was absolutely trilled at the outcome!!

Who knew I would love this style as much as I have! It took about a week and a half to adjust to the weight and tightness of them. After I got use to them I started playing with styling, just really enjoying  myself. I was very pleased with the craftsmanship and time she took to make sure my hair was whipped up right!

I have never had braids like this and I love it! I enjoy them so much that I think it will be my go to protective style from here on out! My natural hair up to now is doing well. I have noticed that my hair is drying out quicker do to the hair extensions, so I have to be on top of moisturizing and oiling my scalp and hair. I washed it for the first time yesterday and my head feels clean and refreshed! It was much more fizzy afterward, which made me question if how much longer will the style last?

 After drying out, a little gel and a head scarf, it was tamed. I think I can have the style for 2 months tops with a touch up half way through. That also depends on the health of my hair, which will be closely looked after. I have come this far, I would hate for it to go to waste because I neglected it while in these braids. I am the most excited to see the progress once the braids are down!

Getting these braids has been a mini journey on its own. I can see why women are lusting after them. I was for sure, now here we are three weeks in and loving it!



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