So Much Growth, So Little Time

          I have been on a very inspiring journey the last few months with my hair. It has now been five months since I have gone without heat and a year without any chemical! I can not believe how far my hair has come since then. I am nearly transitioned out and fully natural! I have yet to get my first full on trim, however I have been trimming the relaxed hair off as the new growth came in. I did not want to keep the damaged hair as it would hurt the process of growing healthy. The only area left with any chemical is in the very front and I believe there is less than an inch left. The rest is natural! Yay!!

I am taking these pictures because I will be getting BOX BRAIDS! Yes, I am very excited! Can’t you tell? I wanted to see how far I have come before I put it up for the next month or so. I am most excited to see what kind of growth I will have after the braids come out! I have not done braids like this at all so I am thrilled to try them out. Luckily I have a co-worker who is also natural, she will be doing my hair. She has been natural for long enough that I can trust her to do them. I have been the only one doing my hair during this so I was cautious in my choice.

It is amazing to see how far I come already! I am learning as I go along and enjoying it. Now let’s see how these braids are going to turn out!


Your thoughts?

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