It All Started…

      Hello all! I hope Spring is treating everyone as nicely as it has me! I just finished twisting my hair up for the next weeks do, and I felt I should sit down and fill you in.

I have started my way down Natural Hair Lane and before time and progress gets too far away from me, I want to start at the beginning and get caught up to present day.

I decided to go natural in November of 2015. I had noticed over the past couple weeks my hair had changed texture. I noticed it the most during wash days. My hair had a curl pattern, and it was pretty! At this point I had realized I had not had a relaxer since February of 2015! Nearly a year! Most of my hair had grown out and was thicker at the root. The relaxed hair was obvious against my new growth. I decided the that there was no reason to turn back. So natural I went.

I did lots of research and got a little bit of advice but my mind was already made up. Going natural was no longer a question in my mind. I was going to do it, hell it already was happening. I had been transitioning for 9 months already and had not a clue!

I got rid of all my bad products, bought perm rods and Shea Moister leave in conditioner (we will be talking about this wonderful product later) and argon oil. I was no longer going to shampoo, just co-wash. I already had conditioner and wrapping lotion. I decided I was also done with heat, so no more flat irons or blow dryers.

After I got my natural hair survival kit together I quit everything that was unhealthy for the growth of my hair. You know something, it wasn’t hard to keep moving forward. Saying no to old habits was easy. Maybe it is because the vision I have of myself after this journey seems much more rewarding than anything I could imagine.

I saw reward very early on, and I can see what wonderful things could come of it. In part I deeply feel there is something very spiritual in this journey. It has become a very introspective path, on many subjects, those of which I hope to share with you here. But I am not only willing but excited to see what this path has in store for me. So far it has been an amazing experience!




Your thoughts?

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