DIY Vanity Chair.

After spending a weekend away I was ready to get to my DIY project that I had been preparing for before we left. I found this amazing chair at a thrift shop here at home only hours before we boarded the train! I was so excited I had found one! I had been searching for a vanity chair/stool for two weeks, everything I looked at rather in store or online was ridiculously priced! I was not going to pay an unnecessary amount of money for something that I did not really like. So the idea to go thrifting for it came to mind!

I love thrifting if you have not picked up on it yet! Here is a great reason why! I saw this chair laying out in the open on a couch! I nearly screamed when I noticed it. I was almost giving up hope that I would have any luck finding one. The best thing about things like this is it gives you the chance to use your creativity to restore it into whatever you want it to be!

This was perfect. It only needed a few things worked on and I was ready for the challenge. From this picture here you can see all the rust that has covered it. I found though more research that it was brass plated and needed to be removed with steal wool. I used the steal wool soap pads because they helped not only remove the clumps but helped to clean it.

I was only wanting to smooth out the metal so that the surface would be better to apply the spray paint. I bought a rust protective, antique color spray paint and sprayed about a two thin coats over the whole of the chair, of course after removing the cushion first.

I needed to raise the chair height a bit along with making the legs easier to move across any floor type. So I bought the sliders for about 2$. After the paint dried I put the sliders on the bottom and spray painted them to match. While that was drying I reupholstered the cushion. I did not have a staple gun (how could I not have a staple gun already!) so I bought one. I found the fabric a Hobby Lobby for 2$, by chance it was exactly the pattern and color that I wanted!

After the paint dried I put it all back together and here is the final product! I only spend 5$ on the chair at the thrift! So all in all, I made out with just what I wanted for a 4th of the cost. Not only that but I restored it myself! Now that I have completed the chair I am looking into adding a large mirror and redo some of the items I already have. There will be more to share as I complete little  projects over the fall season! Until then…


Your thoughts?

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