Sun Daze.

    One of the places I loved during my past weekend trip was going into this small shop in the downtown area of the city. It was one of the last places we stopped off to see before heading home. If you didn’t pay any attention you may not even notice that was there. In a small red building lied this old time smoke shop! Everything was cased in beautiful wood. Upon walking in I was hit with the wonderful smell of cigars and pipe tobacco, as there were two very nice gentlemen puffing away on their pipes. In the center of the store was seating and a table for those who would like to hang around and enjoy a slow Sunday afternoon.

They had pipes from everywhere ranging from different sizes and shapes. They also had a very large collection of cigars all stacked high to the top of the case. I love places like these because they are always where you find the best people and the most interesting things. We could not help ourselves so Brandon and I bought one to enjoy for later in the day. It was a nice walk after a big brunch; the streets were quiet and the weather was bright and warm. Just right for a last day in town. Oh, the cigar was enjoyable by the way. It would have been much better with a glass of wine, but that’s just my opinion!


Your thoughts?

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