Weekend Away.

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with a close friend from college. We were due to attend the wedding of another close college friend a couple hours away. Brandon and I took the train in Friday evening and we all drove up the rest of the way Saturday morning. Of course not before we stopped at the farmers market:) I love the farmers market!

It was nice for my sweetheart and I to get away and enjoy ourselves for a long weekend. Once we arrived we enjoyed a nice evening which included playing a few rounds of bags while having a drinks in the back yard. We had a wonderful meal cooked for us by our host along with some dessert. Saturday was the day of the wedding and it was beautiful:) I am so glad I got to see the bride as happy as she was. It made me tear up a bit. Weddings always have you feeling warm and fuzzy afterward, with all the love hanging in the air it’s hard not to catch a dose of it. We plan to  visit again soon and hopefully have more time to explore the city. I tried my best to take a few snaps of our weekend to share. Somehow we found time to shop and we both brought back our finds from the trip; we are so glad we had time to look around. I am still regretting no buying the beautiful mirror from the thrift shop. It would have been a perfect fit of my vanity! Oh well, I will know better to grab it next time.


Your thoughts?

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