Wonderful Suprises.

      My sweetheart and some friends have been getting in  the spirit by having gatherings where the food is the star of the show. It led me to get more creative with what and how I cook. When you cook every day, you can get into a routine of making the same things, you grow bored with what you eat.

I believe that food should never be boring to you. If you find yourself in this situation, shake it up a bit. Cooking is something we all should do in order to insure we are getting the nutrients needed to live healthier lives. So, if I am going to cook and cook often, it should be something I enjoy. You should love the things you eat, and there is nothing better than eating something you love, that you made yourself!  I made biscotti for the first time in years but couldn’t get any shots of them, maybe next time. Anyway, it is amazing when things just come together and you make an amazing dish, with hardly any effort at all!

This meal came to mind one day and I decided on it for dinner the next day. I seasoned the chicken in the morning, put them in a bag and poured two different flavors of barbecue sauce on them. I let that sit for about 6 hours, turn the oven 350 and let them bake for about 45 minutes. I thought I had burnt them at first site, until I looked closer. They look just as if they had been grilled!

As surprised as I was that I, in fact had not burnt them to a crisp, you can understand why I was twice as surprised they tasted so amazing! The chicken fell off the bone and the sauce had made it’s self into a sticky glaze like sauce. The only thing missing was the smoke flavor you get when grilling.

There will be plenty more food to come on my blog, as I have decided to celebrate fall with food! My boyfriend and myself decided that we would try our hand at cooking meals that we have never made at home. So far we are finding that we can cook just about anything we want, it tastes better  and is more cost effective! At the moment we are experimenting but we love to do copy cat recipes the most! Until next time…                                                                                                      ~T~


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