Simple Summer Sunday.

It’s a wonderful, lazy Sunday morning here at my home and everyone seems to be enjoying it. I had the pleasure to host to a good friend of ours for the weekend; so I figured what a great way to welcome a friend into my home than to cook amazing food! Last night we made a wonderful peach cobbler from scratch! I tried to take some photos but I was not successful in getting any good shots. Let’s talk about this¬† brunch! I made eggs, sausage, potatoes and these delicious strawberry-banana pancakes! For the pancakes I added cinnamon and about a tablespoon of vanilla. It was the best combination with the fruit. To top it off I added powdered sugar and a bit of syrup. It was so heavenly along with a strong cup of coffee.

I always enjoy cooking up new meals or bringing back favorites. I truly believe food is the best way to bring friends and family together and to keep them together. Myself and a group of friends have had some rough times in the past couple years and during those times, it was the breaking of bread that helped us through. Some of the best times we have had together were often spent in the kitchen making a dish of some sort. The kitchen table can be a foundation for many things in life. Friendship is in no way exempt from that. I have many friends to share it with, for that I am truly blessed.


Your thoughts?

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