Photo Op.

20150425_203137It has been ages since I have owned a proper camera. I have been with out one for nearly two years, that is until now! I finally found something I liked enough to purchase. For a while I was just going to get one of those basic point and shoot cameras and call it a day. Then I though, wait a minute, this is my chance to get something that is better quality and has all the bells and whistles. I strongly considered getting a DLSR, until I realized how impractical it is for me to get one. I would be less likely to take it with me due to its’ size, therefore wasting money. So I figured something smaller, that has most the benefits of a DLSR without the extra weight and headache. I remember first seeing this camera in a Best Buy and thinking how beautiful it was.


The Samsung WB350f Smart Camera has more bells and whistles then I probably need but who cares, just look at it! It has amazing features for those who love editing with different filters and such, but the most impressive thing about this beauty so far is that it has a 21x zoom on it. That is all the lens I will ever need in my life!


One of the wonderful things about technology is that it is growing ever fast and most things are working seamlessly together. It is a Samsung camera so of course it is going to be the most compatible with Samsung S Series phones. I can send pictures back and forth from camera to phone with only a WiFi connection! I can place the camera on the other side of the room, connect it with my phone and use it to take the picture, like a remote control! Which came very much in handy today when we decided to take family photos ourselves.


There are so many more features to this camera that make it worth the buy. It has a battery that  can be charge by USB port, a back up program that allows you to send your photos to your computer through WiFi, a flash that you can bounce if need be and much more. So much more, I’m not sure I have found it all yet! While it takes stunning photos in natural light, low light/indoor photos aren’t as great with this camera, however I am sure the many settings can fix that.

For me, this was the best fit when it came down to it. Being as busy as a person can be, who has time to sit at a computer and upload when I can send them to Facebook, Dropbox, an email, my computer, my phone…. well  just about anywhere and everywhere. I am most excited about sharing my photos here with you. Sometimes you need more than words to tell a story, and this gorgeous piece of equipment will to the trick.


Your thoughts?

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