Fish & Chips.

My boyfriend and I have become big Doctor Who fans. Thanks to our closest friends telling us to give it a chance. It is a great show and very unique. If you are not familiar with British television then you may not have heard of it, however it has become so popular in the States that I don’t see how anyone could not have.

We found that we really do enjoy British television. We got so sick of seeing the same story lines that we began to explore BBC. There we have found loads of entertainment. I figured since we love watching British television and drinking our tea (we LOVE tea), I decided to made a dinner that was UK inspired. So… fish and chips it was!

I began by cutting up and frying the potatoes. While the fries were cooking I seasoned the fish with melted butter, pepper, salt and then coated it with italian bread crumbs. I love the way the bread crumbs taste with the tilapia! You can never go wrong in my opinion! After seasoning, I placed the fish in a quarter inch of oil and let it cook until browned. (Not the best fish for frying I found. But proceed I did.) I really enjoyed making this meal as it was so simple! Not to mention delicious too! Cheerio!


Your thoughts?

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