Welcome to Animal Planet…..I Mean My Home.

Aw,  mans’ best friend. A pet you can always depend on. It’s there for you in the best and worst of times. Let’s not forget that cat. Every old lady has one and it always knows when you want to be cuddled with. That may be wonderful for everyone else but for me, it’s beginning to get hard to see past the cute faces.

You know, I am really starting to hate having pets! I’ll tell you why, because they are nasty, disgusting, filthy things. It was not by choice that I have them either. They belong to my boyfriend and of course I can’t tell him to get rid of them. We have one cat whose a male and two dogs who are mother and son.

Now I can deal with having one, just one animal but three is too much for me. My home NEVER seems to stay clean. I just cleaned my home on Friday and already my home is littered with hair. The biggest thing for me is the shedding! It’s so fucking nasty to me! Anywhere and everywhere, my living room, study, stairs, my BED for crying out loud!! I do not let the nasty, little, ass wipes lay in my bed and I have ban the dogs from coming up to the second floor.

2014-09-28 21.11.04
Kitty. The Momma.

Oh but no, then there’s the cat. Cats are nasty!! Have you ever though about what a cat does? They do their business, which most likely stinks up the area they go in… plus some, they then take their little paws and cover it up; most likely stepping in the feces that they put there hours before. Then they proceed to walk all on the floor, the furniture, lay on the bath rug, walk in the kitchen, tracking feces all though the house!! Then they want to lay all on you and you are touching on them and spreading it everywhere! It’s so nasty!! Thank God I have hard wood floors!

2014-09-28 20.10.40-1
Sweety Boy. Mister anti-social.

I’m not done yet! We can’t forget about the dogs. Dogs, yes they go outside however, they bring things in with them! Fleas!!! Nasty, fleas! I have somehow made it all the way though summer without fleas coming into my home; that is until about a few hours ago when I saw one. I freaked out, sprayed everything with fabric down and sprayed the animals. Baths will be in order tomorrow!

2014-09-28 20.13.56
Moonshine. The love bug.

Let’s not forget the scratching. All the animals in my home scratch where ever they please. Naturally the fur gets all over the floor, then pushed around by passing feet. I hate them in my kitchen! That’s where I prepare food and eat. I don’t want to see or smell any trace of animal there. No matter how hard I try, it’s inevitable. I don’t even walk in my home with bare feet because the floors get so dirty so fast.

My home is not small by any means. Two floors, a basement, and two attached garages. So there is no way in hell you will catch me mopping and swiping every single day, I do have a job. However I do keep my home tidy; at the end of the day everything is in it’s proper place, dishes are washed and dirty clothes are out of site.

Sweety Boy and our late cat...Jimmy. The king of the house. R.I.P
Sweety Boy and our late cat… Jimmy. The king of the house. R.I.P

I am aware that the care of your animals has much play in the state of your home. All animals get baths every two weeks, litter is changed often, bowls are cleaned out, and claws clipped. I can say I have mastered getting rid of the smell of animal all together. One step though my front door and you’ll hear the dogs way before you smell them.

Its an uphill battle for me all the time. They don’t make it easy for me either. I would love to have nice furniture and have throw blankets that don’t have some type of fur on it and a nice area rug that doesn’t have fur embedded in it. I can’t even keep nice paint on the walls for the cat scratching at it.

They are the reasons why I can’t have nice things.

Yet I love em….the little nastys.


Your thoughts?

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