Janelle Monae. More Than An Electric Lady.

I can not enough express my absolute love for this artist! I have been following her since before her first album The Archandroid in 2010. I was in college at the time that her hit ‘Tightrope’ was just reaching the masses. Even then people did not seem to take to her. Oh but I had.

What drew me in was the words she spoke in her song. It had a real message, more than most music out today. After hearing ‘Tightrope’ I started to research more about her and her music. At that time Sincerely, Jane, Many Moons, Violet Stars Happy Hunting and a couple others were floating about the web and had videos. Sincerely, Jane….OMG.. I can not even describe to you the sheer force that song had when I heard it for the first time. Her voice just captivated me, the use of an orchestra, and how different it was, was just so compelling. With every song she had out at the time I fell more in love. There was nothing I heard that I did not absolutely adore to pieces.

There are few artist that get this sort of reaction from me. I knew then that she was going to be something truly unique. After more research I found out that her first album was going to drop and the anticipation was killing me!

Once that album Archandroid, was in my hands and I sat down to listen…I was SOLD! I told all my friends that they had to listen to it, I played it at work, I even used ‘Dance or Die’ as a dance try out piece, it was my workout music, walk to class melody. It became my anthem! No one could tell me anything about Miss Monae!

Soon she started appearing more on television, with her crisp, classy style and dance moves that could mesmerize anyone watching, the unforgettable hair style, and red lipstick. I was sooooo happy that this astounding talent was out in the open, unapologetically herself, unaltered, and enjoying  it!

Then one day I was watching television and a CoverGirl commercial came on, I screamed “Oh my God that’s my girl, That’s Janelle Monae!!” I could not believe that she was a CoverGirl!! Only two years after her first album, Janelle made CoverGirl. That said so much about the impact she made when she entered into the music industry.

I must admit, when I heard she signed with Bad Boy Entertainment I thought everything that was her would disappear and she would go mainstream. I was hoping she would stay true to her vision and not conform.

I was not let down in the least bit! Everywhere she performs, everywhere she goes she is the same breathtaking embodiment as she was when she began. September of this year her second album, The Electric Lady, appeared on the shelves.

I am not disappointed at ALL!! I truly love that the geek within her has brought her to this wonderfully, daring, sifi driven concept. She has done an impressive job and if I have to wait every three years for a new album it is worth every day of waiting.

Aside from her music, Janelle Monae, to me at least, defines what it is to be a classy woman, what it is to be unafraid of what or who you are, embracing the things that you love, the ideas that you have, the choices that you make with confidence, grace, and a little sensuality. She’s a visionary. I hope that every young woman out there looks up to her as a role model, she is an outstanding example.

I will forever remain a fan of this dynamic woman. Janelle has set a bar that would be forever remembered and hard to reach. As long as she continues to remain the charismatic vocalist that is she, keeps reaching beyond bounds imaginable, and never fall into the mainstream black hole, she will set a new standard for what it means to be an true icon.

I also think it’s really cool that she and I share the same birthday!


Your thoughts?

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