No You Go to The Left Beyonce and Take That Kardashian with You

There use to be a time when I would get these great ideas for posts that I wanted to write, however I never got around to writing them. I think there was something about being on campus that gave my mind it’s jump start to writing. Things I saw that made me think, or angry. However now that I am not surround by a bunch of adolescent people who think the ultimate college experience is getting plastered until you black out, to then wake up and go to the nearest frat house to have beer breakfast, it seems nothing sparks often. That is until now.

Tell me what it is with people today and their obsession with celebrities? As long as their have been celebrities there have been everyday people who love them, admire them and follow their careers. These day people are admiring others who don’t deserve the spot light. I’m talking about everyday people who do dumb shit that lands them a reality television show, and then make money off of it!

I am so sick of it! Who the fuck cares about Beyonce??? Why why why are you young women so into her? I have been over her for quite sometime now. I can’t stand to hear her name or see her face. I don’t give two shits about her baby and its name. She doesn’t care about what you are doing and who you are with so why the hell do you care so much?

The Kardasians!! My GOD!!! The freaking Kardashians!!! Who the hell swooped down and gave them the right to be the shinning example for people to look up to?? Can you tell me what have they done for people besides be rich and share their drama for shallow entertainment? If they were just everyday people like you and I, they would just be another rich snobby family that you could not stand, but because they are on T.V it is okay to say ‘hey I want to be like them, they are so cool’.

What I want to know is what happen to people looking up to someone truly inspiring? Someone who gives back, and not because they get a tax break for it, but because they truly want to help others? What happen to little girls and young women looking up to brilliant smart women who have a voice, and used it to do amazing things? There was a time when music was made to get you thinking, make you upset at the wrong doings going on in the world, made you want to stand up for something you believed in, push against the grain. Now music has lost its voice, just mindless sound going in one ear and out another.

While we put these people on a high pedestal as idols to be looked upon with such admiration, the voices of those who should truly be heard are silent. Our society has cast out the idea of wanting to be something more. Becoming a reality T.V star, or a singer who sings about nothing at all is what our young children want to be. Not someone who is wise, knowledgeable about the world around them and continues to learn and inspire others. No, that’s not the kinda of people we are raising in this society.

The days of ‘I look up to people like Eleanor Roosevelt, The Dalai Lama, The Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong’ are just about over. No one seems cares about wisdom, class, and integrity anymore. It’s all about Beyonce, The Kardashians and those Jersey Shore kids now. And frankly, that makes me depressed….


Your thoughts?

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