That’s a Negative.

Ah! Negativity! You have to love it. It surrounds all of us, everyday. A status a friend of mine posted was the inspiration for this post. I have been wanting to touch on this subject for so here I am.

Negativity, I can not tell you, my wonderful readers, how many times I have come across it. As most of you know who follow my blog (thank you for reading) I am starting my career in real estate. In a past post called And You Know This Because? I ranted a bit on the negative feed back I get on my career choice. It has come to my attention that more and more people face negativity on a regular basics, and not just on the subject of career or job choices, but life choices as well.

What amazes me the most is that the people who seem to receive the most negative feed back are those who are making something of themselves or are beginning to.  Why are people so quick to bring down someone who is bettering themselves or their life? I thought we as a society were suppose to support those who want better for themselves, not discourage or mock them for the good choices that they are making.

Too many times in this world we are complaining that people don’t want to do for themselves, try, dream, strive and now that people are beginning to imagine, innovate, be ambitious, certain people in our society want to complain about that? For instance older people complaining about young people being lazy.

Another point that I have to address that really REALLY gets me, the most negative feed back comes from, believe it or not family! Yes family! Those of you out there who are the first in your family to go to college, or you are the first out of your cousins, brothers and sisters to finish, you may have come in contact with this yourself.

Say you did not do as well as your parents would have liked you to one semester (they have never been to college) and they tell you that school isn’t hard and that you should have got all A’s, you’re not trying, you’re not smart enough, you’re not studying enough. When in truth you busted your ass to get the grade you have.

Negativity for trying your best? YOUR BEST. Not theirs, not any one else, but YOUR best. What happened that family is no longer a support system for doing positive things with one’s life? Now not all families are that way, there may be just one family member that is negative, or none at all. I grew up learning that the roots of a person start at home. Meaning that if a parent or guardian gives the child love, nourishment and support, then that child will have all that they need to grow and succeed in life. The roots of a person determine how they will excel and in which areas they will excel in.

Negativity does not stop there, it is all around, in friends, co-workers, professors, random ass people you don’t even know. It can not be avoided by any means however, you can learn to tune out the nonsense. Ignore what people have to say, because we all know that everyone is going to put their two cents in rather you want to hear it or not. Rather positive or not.

Not only are negative people and comments all around but it gives off bad energy. It is draining to be around a negative person all the time. It makes you feel…well not good. They want you to feed into it, become it. I’ve been there, and since I only keep positive people in my life, if a person is negative all the time, I don’t keep them around. The same should be for all those who are happy, positive people out there. Every one has standards for things, so why not add this one?

Whatever it is that you are doing in your life, whatever goal you are trying to reach, stay head strong, tune out the noise, and keep moving forward.

Anyway, the person that’s in your face all the time with negative comments most likely aren’t doing shit with their lives. Think about it.

They just mad.


Your thoughts?

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