Moving on Up.

It’s amazing when everything seems to come together. When you are not stressing or pulling your hair out. The past year for me, while there has been anxiety and some stress over things, overall things have just fallen into place. It’s like when you have all these bad years piling up onto one another and then all the sudden, BAM! everything is going right. No snags, no delays, no bumps, no humps just smooth sailing.

My life after high school was by means no straight path of happiness. While there were great times, and unforgettable times I have to say that over all my life wasn’t that great, plenty of disappointments and struggles.

Through it all I have stayed strong when I wanted to fall to the ground and not get up. I found out lots about myself and with each year I grew more and more. I changed, I changed the most within the past two years, most of it was this year. I can say that I like love the person that I have become, and that I am still becoming.

I wouldn’t take back anything that I have gone through during my college years because every single thing taught me something, helped me grow, or to meet some of the most amazing people who to this day I still call my friends.

Now here today after all the ups and downs, I’m moving up. I hope it keeps going like this for a long while. I had about 5 years of shit, I at least deserve 5 years of sunshine!


Your thoughts?

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