Forever Blue.

When the day comes it never feels real. Even when you are in a big blue gown, stuffed between two guys you’ve never seen before although you are getting the same degree. Even while sitting there and listening to the speeches and looking at the rows of blue hats ahead of me, it still felt unreal.

As I looked for my family I began to think of my high school graduation. I did not feel special or accomplished. I was just happy. Happy to move on to one of my biggest dreams, to go to college. Now that I’m here in this blue gown I have so many things in my mind, while the guys next to me crack jokes to try and loosen up a bit.

I did not see my family ahead of me as they were for my high school graduation but behind me. Right then something clicked, my family sat in front of me during high school signifying that they were going to be there and support me during my journey in college. During my college graduation they were behind me, showing that they were sending me forward in life. I am now on my own. However they are behind me every step of the way, having my back when I need them.

Once I realized that, a big smile spread across my face as my row stood up to head to the stage. I looked back at my family, then moved forward. One step closer to shaking the hand of the university president and receiving my diploma. One step closer to the next chapter of my life, and one step closer to taking my shoes off (god my feet were killing).

Once I shook his hand and walked off stage, I still could not believe it. It took me longer than the average student to graduate (changed majors late) and it felt like I would never get here. The last semester felt like hell when I should have been enjoying my last months of college life. I was done, burnt out, but now I’m here. With a degree, ready to start my career, scared and super excited all at the same time.

Six months later starts the loan payments.

Welcome to adulthood!


Your thoughts?

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